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GoMentor Portal

The GoMentor portal is a customized space for your organization to foster digital community.  The eMentoring portal provides configurable meeting areas for one-to-one and one-to-many styled gatherings.  Organizations providing youth mentoring and tutoring rave about the ease of use and functionality.

General Features

  • Smart Phone / Tablet Ready
  • Multiuser Whiteboard 
  • Drawing Tools
  • Live Video Sharing (Youtube & Vimeo)
  • Screen Sharing
  • Interactive Polls and Surveys
  • Breakout Rooms

Safety Features

  • Video Recorded  
  • Video Playback (i.e. program leaders)
  • Program leaders can "pop in"  to observe sessions
  • Custom link for each mentor / mentee match
  • Videos stored on our servers 

Optional Features

  • Transcription
  • Content filter safe search
  • Reports 

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